Examples of Our


Actuarial function of a non-life insurance company covering all parts of the actuarial work, including reserving, solvency assessment, financial and solvency capital projections, general actuarial advice. 

Non-life insurance: Lithuania, Estonia.

Valuation of defined benefit liabilities and preparation of the required disclosures in accordance with International Accounting Standard (IAS) 19.

Large manufacturing company: Lithuania.

Advice on implementation of Solvency II regulatory requirements. 

Life insurance, non-life insurance: Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia.

Actuarial due-diligence for the acquisition of an insurance company. 

Life insurance: Lithuania.

Advice on development of actuarial life insurance cash-flow projection model

Life insurance: Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia.

Advice on setting up risk management system, including risk strategy, risk tolerances, risk management procedures and risk reporting. 

Life insurance, non-life insurance: Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia.

Development of management information system covering the requirements of top and middle management. 

Life insurance: Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia.

Trainings to management and employees on risk management, actuarial and solvency management, IFRS 17 (Insurance contracts), and other topics.

Life insurance, non-life insurance: Lithuania.